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01 Jun 2016

What a thriller! Author promotes new detective novel at Portsmouth International Port

Photo credit Malcolm Wells

Born and brought up in Portsmouth, the Waterfront City has helped shape Pauline Rowson’s life and her popular detective novels.

Captivated by Portsmouth’s thriving maritime industry, Pauline uses her local knowledge to paint a backdrop to the stories featuring her crime investigators. The author was recently at Portsmouth International Port to have promotional pictures taken for the launch of her new book ‘Dangerous Cargo’ featuring her marine investigator Art Marvik. However the cargo is of a far more deadly nature than the bananas normally  transported on the cargo ships to the Port. This is her second book featuring Art Marvik after the first called ‘Silent Running’.

Pauline Rowson says, 'Marvik is a troubled character, tough, highly trained, fearless, intelligent and fit but he is finding it difficult to adjust to life outside the marines. Marvik, like my other hero, DI Andy Horton, has a strong sense of justice, but whereas Andy has to operate within the boundaries of the law, Marvik can go outside it and often does on his missions working undercover and as a civilian attached to the UK's secret law enforcement agency, the National Intelligence Marine Squad (NIMS).  These crime novels, like all my others, are set against the backdrop of the sea.' 

Portsmouth International Port features heavily in Pauline Rowson’s popular DI Andy Horton crime novels, which are set in Portsmouth.  The Port, owned and operated by Portsmouth City Council, has grown extensively since its formation in 1976 when initially it offered just one route to France from a small section of reclaimed harbour front. Now it is known as Britain’s Best Connected Port with more destinations than any other UK Port. The Port is also a key destination for fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the world.

The latest in the series ‘Fatal Catch’, sees DI Andy Horton try and get to the bottom of a complex case, that starts with the grim discovery of a human hand caught in fishermen’s lines. The detective lives on a yacht in Southsea Marina and is described as man who is “rarely at peace, unless he is on the sea, or catching criminals.”